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Welcome to Northwest Trek! Here you will find the hunting, fishing, adventure, and life stories of our travels throughout Alaska, Washington, Oregon, and California. We sincerely hope that you find Northwest Trek informative, entertaining, and inspirational. Oh, and by the way, do not be shy about leaving comments. We would love to hear from you!

// The two of us started out looking for a remote speck called Dripping Springs on our BLM map about 4 miles West of Quartzsite, Arizona. As we were studying, some good samaritans happened by and inquired as to where we were headed. After some discussion we joined up with them. Lucky for us. Circumstances... (more...)

Fishing Through the Eyes of a Ten Year Old Boy

Posted by admin On August - 20 - 20121 COMMENT

// Its been a good long time since I was ten years old. Recently I was out fishing with my grandson who just completed his first decade. He caught back to back smallmouth. They both established a new personal best for him. Watching his excitement and awe at hooking, fighting, and landing a couple... (more...)

Eagle Cap Camper

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// Nine and a half foot Eagle Cap Camper We had more or less worn out our second camper. Having gone through two we had some pretty definite ideas about what we wanted for our next one. It needed to be equipped for all season use, have a propane generator, fit comfortably (weight wise) on the Dodge... (more...)

Bear Meat

Posted by admin On February - 29 - 20121 COMMENT

// In order to identify my most outdoor scary story I first had to make list of a number of incidents that had occurred over the course of several decades. Like the time I was buried in a snow avalanche up to my neck in the Chugach Mountains of southeast Alaska, or the time I was on a wildfire on... (more...)

Winter Camping in the Arizona Lowlands

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// My wife and I decided to join the Southward migration, a bit late. We found Western Arizona to be perfect for us. There are vast stretches of public land available for dry camping with day time highs in the 70′s, and other migrants to share an evening campfire and wealth of information... (more...)

My Top Ten Land Stewardship Quotes

Posted by admin On December - 31 - 20116 COMMENTS

// We all have a responsibility to speak out for the conservation of the incredible heritage we enjoy in this country. It starts with a personal ethic of how we each treat the places we use in our outdoor recreation activities: to speaking up in caring for the land when agencies act and legislators... (more...)